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Call center analytics software terms you should learn

Call center analytics software terms you should know

When you’re shopping around for a  software solution that will help you understand your customer experience, you may find yourself introduced to a dictionary’s worth of new terms and see…

Sara Yonker
How do you know if you meet customer expectations?

Customer expectations: How to know if you miss the mark

Customer expectations continue to rise. What customers would have begrudgingly gone along with years ago now can prompt them to look toward your competitors. They want personalized experiences, exceptional service,…

Sara Yonker
Try conversation analytics platform Tethr

Try AI-powered conversation intelligence with Tethr

Conversation analytics trial lets you explore the Tethr platform Sometimes, it takes more than seeing to believe. You need experience.  Before you justify one more business expense based on just…

Carl Schultze
Tethr trial zero touch platform

Tethr’s new trial gives customers the control

It’s time to change this business.  Tethr helps companies improve their customer experience — so it’s time we do the same.  We believe customers prefer hands-on experience over sales demos.…

Robert Beasley
The future of conversational AI

Computational linguistics: Can AI listen like a human?

Conversation analytics developed from first merely recognizing words and strings of words to now detect meanings, analyze sentiment, and recognize semantics. In the future, AI may help technology process nuanced conversations as easily as a computer can churn out math equations.

Tom Shepherd
QA evaluations in Tethr

How to improve your call center’s QA process

We’ve made call center quality assurance easier and comprehensive with a new feature on our platform called Evaluations, which allows for manual QA checks so our customers don’t have to go outside of Tethr to conduct any aspect of their quality management program. 

Carl Schultze