CX and AI: Artificial intelligence isn't coming for your job

Ashley Sava

April 20, 2020

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If you’re a CX professional fearful of losing your job to artificial intelligence, you aren’t alone. It’s a common belief that emerging tech is coming to steal the jobs of humans—particularly those in the CX field. But what if we told you that AI is more of a helpful CX companion than an unwelcome intruder?

AI isn’t the enemy

While AI will displace some CX jobs, it’s more likely to change how CX workers do their jobs. It’s possible it will create more CX positions that we aren’t even aware of yet. The perception should be that AI helps businesses learn to step up their game to provide more value than ever before. AI isn’t Batman’s Joker, but rather, Robin, the trusty sidekick.

CX is a brand’s differentiator 

Forrester says CX is the only sustainable competitive advantage remaining. CX professionals don’t have room for error, so investing in AI helps enable customer service success, therefore, increasing customer loyalty. When it comes to the customer journey, knowing your customers’ attitudes, history, expectations, interests and opinions are critical. However, when your business supports thousands or millions of clients, you simply don’t have the manpower to gather these insights without the assistance of technology.

CX and AI is a fruitful investment

When it comes to the contact center, AI enables agents to make smarter decisions in real time, while equipping organizations with the insights they need to make organizational changes that will increase the prosperity of the business for years to come. Using the intelligence AI gathers, humans are better prepared to solve complex issues and connect with their customers on a personal level. While the technology required to secure this data comes at a price, the price of going without it is far greater.

Examining 100 percent of customer interactions is possible 

Moving toward machine learning lets organizations analyze 100 percent of calls in the contact center. CX professionals can quickly learn what isn’t working, and adjust accordingly, rather than inadvertently spending countless hours on ineffective strategies. 

CX leaders will tell you that post-call survey response rates are not only low, but actively declining. The average is less than 10 percent. Customers today are experiencing survey fatigue and tend to ignore surveys that come their way. Using technology like the Tethr Effort Index, every single interaction, whether it be a recorded call or chat interaction, is taken into account so that all encounters can be scored for effort. Every single customer interaction that runs through the Tethr platform is scored, indicating the level of effort that a customer puts forth, so no data point is missed.

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CX and AI: The unknown isn't such a scary place

Rather than being fearful of AI taking something away from your business, allow it to transform customer experience to new heights. Become more educated on the best next steps for isolated interactions and unique customers. AI isn't created to take away you team's jobs, it exists to serve your products/services, your team and your clients. People are essential to CX strategy and implementation, but AI can help take it to new levels.

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